COVID-19 Postponements

The Covid19 Pandemic has added uncertainty and stress for all couples with weddings booked in 2020. There is a right way and a wrong way to reschedule everything if you’re forced to postpone yours! We have devised the best way to reschedule everything you’ve already booked within just 24 hours, keeping the same venue and all the same vendors and transferring all of the deposits you’ve already paid to them. One day; done!

Easiest Way to Reschedule Your Entire Wedding in One Day

What NOT to do: Don’t book a new date first with your venue and then contact all your vendors with your fingers crossed, “hoping” they will all be available on that new date. You may end up having to search for certain vendors all over again, during a pandemic.


1) Contact your venue and ask them for 4 open dates around the time you are most interested in rescheduling to. Venues will not hold 4 dates for you as a rule, but let them know you’ll give them a firm decision tomorrow on one of those dates. That’s reasonable and many venues will work with you for one night. You must be somewhat flexible with the dates they offer. The more popular the date (ie: prime Saturdays or a Holiday weekend), the less likely the venue and all of your vendors will be open… so you would then need to move your new date even further into the future. Ask about Fridays, Sundays or even lower priced weekday nights or Saturday afternoon time slots if possible. The goal is to arrive at 4 dates/times you can live with.

2) Once you have 4 different potential dates from your venue, send one email addressed to all of the wedding vendors you already have booked… not individual emails to each of them. In that email, officially notify them all that you are forced to reschedule your wedding due to the Covid19 pandemic and, like the venue, you must comply with current public health mandates about crowd limiting and social distancing. Let them know you still hope to use them all on a new date that they are all available for in common.

3) Next, ask them all to check their availability on all 4 dates you have sent to them and to let you know by tomorrow all of those dates that are currently open for them. Tell them that you are hoping to simply postpone and reschedule your wedding and apply the existing deposit to a new date they are all open for so that you can still use all of their wonderful services.

4) By the next day, quite often one (or more) of the dates has been shown to be open for all the vendors and you quickly call the venue to confirm that you would like to reserve that date. Then email that new date back to confirm it with all your vendors (one email again), asking for a new, updated agreement that credits your previous deposit and reserves them for the new date. Problem solved overnight! No lost deposits. No new vendor searches or new deposits!

You would be surprised how many of our couples have already had this work for them!

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